101 Deal With It: Finding Peace of Mind Workshop


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FACILITATED BY: Pastor Chrystal Hansen
Life Church - NORTH CAMPUS
5910 Elevator Rd
Roscoe, IL 

Next Session Dates: 
Thursdays September 10th - October 29th, 2020
6:30pm  - 8:15pm

12 hours of learning and discovery (see topics below) 
Emmanuel Encounter live demonstrations
Workbook, Journal and God Can You Love Me Book

ALL PROCEEDS GO TO SUPPORTING MISSIONS  Stateside and Aboard - currently supporting
1. Adult and Teen Challenge of Chicago (www.teenchallengeillinois.com)
2. Eswatini Childerns Home through Empower 127 (www.E127.org)

This workshop offers a unique approach for dealing with the stuff of life that may have hijacked your joy, peace, destiny, relationships and opportunities.  Life has happened to all of us through circumstances often out of our control; leaving us feeling defeated, depressed, confused, and anxious and the list goes on.  

At times we don’t quite know how to put the pieces of our lives back together, so we push through life hoping no one really notices our private struggle.  We hide because we hurt and we hurt because we do not fully understand how to appropriate the healing offered through Christ.  However, not dealing with our stuff has major consequences – lack of peace, emptiness, sleepless nights, unfulfilled dreams, lost passions, broken relationships to mention a few. 

There is good news; you can in God put an end to what is stealing your peace, life and purpose.  In this workshop you will learn how to deal honestly with the unwanted stuff, obstacles, hurts and pains.  It will meet you where you are giving you a plan and guide to walk out of the troubling places of life and into the abundant life Christ promised.  

Some topics covered in this workshop are: 
  1. Response-Ability - the ability to choose your responses when encountering situations and circumstances coming at any moment. 
  2. Brain Chatter - dealing with the continuous stream of self-talk; those words we tell ourselves daily about our experiences, God and life as it happens to us.  
  3. Fit To Be Tied - we would like to believe that as we mature becoming adults, that childish behaviors cease.  However, we must be honest with ourselves taking a look at what behaviors and attitudes still function from our childhood which have entangled us in our relationships as adults. 
  4. Shall We Dance - is learning to develop the ability to embrace the soul part of humuanity and our spirit man; which David recorded in the Psalms as an example for us to follow - his own dance between the two.
  5. Hand Me Down Genes - Every family is blessed from our heavenly Father.  The question is do we choose to pass the blessings and treasures of our family line or something else?  
  6. Finding Peace  - scripture promises the gift of peace to us as children of God.  Unfortunately, few live in the reality of true inner peace and confidence daily.  
  7. Emmanuel Encounter - simply put entering into daily encounters with the God with me.  

Introducing the Deal With It Workshop

For a further descripton of this workshop listen as Chrystal introduces the Deal With It workshop in the video below.  

Pastors and Leaders

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